Enjoy The Summer One Oyster and Private Backyard At a Time

Summer plans in the city are always filled with innovative methods of making us think we're not stuck in a heat-absorbing, cement-filled city. It's always interesting to see the lengths New Yorkers will go to have a good time. I've rounded up my top three favorites so far.

1. Oyster and Wine Party

This event is relatively tame on the innovative scale, but who doesn't love oysters as a refreshing treat in the summer? Wash them down with some good wine, and yummmmmmmy. Our good friends at Union Square Wines (they're the ones with the free wine tastings EVERY SATURDAY) often throw enhanced tasting parties and it seems the only reason they charge is because of limited space. Get this, for only $15, you can join in on one of two oyster and wine parties (East End selections on Wednesday July 18 and Chablis and Chenin Blanc selections on Wednesday July 25). Admission includes 6 oysters, a selection of wines and a $5 purchase voucher so you can take some vino home with you. Sounds like a pretty perfect way to spend a summer evening to me. Parties run from 6-8 pm and you must reserve in advance.

2. Surf Lessons at Rockaway Beach

It only took me four years but I finally made it out to Rockaway Beach on the 4th of July and I was super pleasantly surprised. The subway ride is no quick jaunt (it took me 2 hours from Murray Hill), but the beach was clean, not too crowded, and close to lots of cheap and beach-y fun food vendors. I almost felt like I was in some cutesy beach town in Southern California (a Cali girl can dream). Anyway, here's a way to make your beach day even more exotic: surf lessons. Yep, you could be hanging ten like a pro by the end of the summer, or at least just stand up on your board with a little help from NY Surf School. Two-hour lessons go for $175, but rates decrease if you bring along some buddies ($115 per person for 2 people, $90 per person for 3-4 people, $80 per person for 5-7 people and so on). So make it a group affair and then make sure to reward yourself with an Italian Ice from one of the many beach vendors when you're done. You've earned it.

3. Your Own Private Backyard...For Two Hours

Growing up in the suburbs with a legit backyard is something we never miss until we no longer have it. Relegated to portable grills on fire escapes and doing cartwheels in the non-privacy of Central Park, New Yorkers are in desperate need a place to romp around and squirt each other with water guns. Enter Timeshare Backyard. For $100 an hour (2 hour minimum), you can rent your own private backyard to share with up to 30 of your friends. Complete with a grill, "luxury grass," shady spots, trashy magazines, hammocks, lounge chairs, hula hoops, and yes, squirt guns, this backyard sounds like a 5-year-old-trapped-in-a-20-something's dream. The space is conveniently located in the Lower East Side and I have to say that whoever thought of this is a genius. There are limited slots and they are filling up fast, so grab some hot dogs and burgers and get ready to party like it's at your parent's house.

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  1. Thanks for the tips! Those oysters are calling my name!


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