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Alcohol for Art

If you're not coming to the concert on Thursday, I have a fun happy hour deal for you. I don't know how many of you have been down to check out the bar inside Whole Foods Columbus Circle (yes, I said a bar in a grocery store), but it's pretty cool.

From 6-8 pm on Thursday 3/1, if you check in to On Tap on Foursquare, you can score $1 off beer and wine and $2 off pitchers and a free large beer hall pretzel. This event is to promote the newly launched Water Tank Project, a public art undertaking in which hundreds of NYC water tanks will be transformed into masterpieces in the spring of 2013. On 3/1 5% of sales at NYC Whole Foods will be donated to the non-profit organization.


Thirsty anyone?

New York is known for some awesome pieces of public art that can be intriguing, confusing, beautiful and thought-provoking. Who ever thought public art could be both spontaneous and functional? 

I saw this the other day on Spring Street near the intersection of Thompson Street and I just thought I'd share. There was something about the way the water was arching out from the hydrant to the street and the way the light was hitting it that caught me. Anyone ever seen something like this before?