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Little Brown Glass

Friday nights are when to score at Bloomingdale's. I went in to make a quick purchase at the Mac counter and to my surprise, ran into a man serving Champagne. Now it's rare for me to turn down a man serving Champagne, so I followed him into the Coach boutique, which had just opened. In addition to the bubbly, Coach ladies dressed in black were manning a candy station complete with gummy bears, Starburst, and my old-time favorite Pop Rocks. The store was mobbed with people trying to get in on the action (I swear it was like people had never seen M&Ms before), but I stuck around to finish my glass of awesome and browsed the goodies. In addition to all the free giveaways, including notebooks and pencils with the brand's logo, everyone who made a purchase received a monogrammed leather keychain.

Cute clutches with a hint of sparkle
The mob at the candy table
Coach ladies in black (note the empty bins once filled with candy)
Man serving Champagne
I loved these little coin purses in lots of fun colors - only $38
Free monogramming with purchase
Once I had my fill of Friday night fun, I made my way toward the exit. But wait! There was another man serving Champagne. Although it was way to early for a second glass, I had to see what else could possibly be going on at the 59th Street Flagship store. I found another large crowd in the Dior boutique and a lady with a clipboard. Her personality was about as bubbly as the Champagne I had just consumed, and she informed me that Elle Magazine was hosting a celebration in conjunction with Dior. Elle's head astrologist, I didn't get her name, was giving personalized (and apparently very accurate) readings, the man was serving Champagne AND white wine, and another man was passing around those delicious little French macaroons. I passed on the reading (hello, 45 minute wait!?) and the alcohol, but I had to have a cute little macaroon, yum!

Dior Boutique inside Bloomingdales 59th Street
Delicious little French macaroons complete with a pineapple (?) leaf

I don't know what you're doing next Friday (not this Friday as all craziness breaks loose on Black Friday), but I'm heading back to Bloomie's to see what else goes on around the designer sunglasses and shimmery eyeshadows of the awesome department store. Will I see you there?