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AWESOME ALERT: $9.99 Boutique Fitness Classes All Over NYC

Say you want to take a Flywheel class tomorrow morning, but you want to mix it up and sweat it out at Barry's Bootcamp Friday after work. You'll definitely need a restorative yoga class at Yoga Vida Saturday morning, but Monday morning it's back on the hard core train with a workout at Exceed Physical Fitness. You finish out the week with a throwback to the 90s spin class at Cyc and a little lift, tone, burn at Pure Barre. Is your wallet hurting yet? (It should be...all those classes combined would normally cost more than $150).

What if I told you that you could take all those classes and more for just $99 a month? If you haven't heard about Classpass yet, you better jump on the fitness bandwagon. I have a hunch that this site is going to revolutionize the way New Yorkers do fitness--outdating the traditional gym membership while adding convenience and cost savings to our lives all at the same time.

The way it works is simple. You pay a monthly fee and obtain access to a constantly-expanding database of classes from Williamsburg to Midtown, Hoboken to the LES, and Astoria to Union Square. You can visit one studio a maximum of 3 times per month with a total of 10 classes per month. (I was lucky enough to sign up during a promotion period for "Unlimited Summer" meaning I get to take as many classes as I want through Labor Day. I can't guarantee it, but if they did it once, they might do it a second time!).

Interested? Head on over to Classpass and see all their offerings. Warning: membership may lead to new obsessions. I'm hooked on Row House and I'm dying to try out underwater spinning at Aqua Studio. If you sign up here, I promise that you'll never be bored by your fitness options again! 

Disclosure: If you choose to sign up via any of the links above, I will receive a referal reward from Classpass but all opinions are my own. 


New York Knowledge (and perks!)

One of the best decisions I made in the past year was joining the Museum of the City of New York as a "Young Member." If you've ever been, you've undoubtedly sampled some of the most superb exhibits in the entire city and (BONUS!) you actually get to learn about your surroundings and how they got that way. You've also oogled at some of the museums collection of furniture and other artifacts from the turn of the century. (And I'm not talking about the one that just happened 10 years ago).

General admission is a suggested donation of $10 ($6 for seniors and students) and that will enable to you see three rotating exhibits ranging from NY State ecological history, original Dutch artifacts from the time of Henry Hudson and classic Life Magazine photographs that defined eras in the city. This is a museum you can get through in about two hours, feel like you saw everything and not doze off in the process. My kind of place.

I joined because of the extra perks. A one-year Young Member's Circle membership is $100 and is available for people ages 21-39. Hosting a new and exclusive event every month, the museum does a great job of entertaining us. In the spring, we were granted access to a behind-the-scenes tour of the NYC Auto Show, which coincided with the museum's exhibit on the history of the car in the city. With artist studio visits and movie screenings (hello, how do you think I got in to see Dinner for Schmucks?), the events are amazing experiences which I would be jealous of if I wasn't already there.

Me "driving" a REALLY expensive car at the NYC Auto Show
In addition to the monthly events, I'm invited to all museum openings with a plus one. Champagne is always a flowing and hors d'ouevers are a plenty. There are lots of the right noses to rub wandering around as well. MCNY's newest exhibit, Notorious and Notable: 20th Century Women of Style, opened to the public yesterday and I attended the opening on Monday night. From what else I've seen at the museum, this is a special presentation MCNY's costume collection. It recognizes women from across the past century and showcases some lovely, stunning and some pretty extravagant ensembles which have been exquisitely preserved. If I knew how to make silk chiffon from the 1920s look good as new 90 years later like they do, I'd be rich. My favorites were a dark purple Dior gown and a 1996 Norman Norell gown for Lauren Bacall.

The red section of the exhibit (Photo courtesy of NY Social Diary)
Lauren Bacall's 1966 gown I loved ( (Photo courtesy of NY Social Diary)
MCNY also has a very very very informative exhibit on John Lindsay, the former mayor of NYC, and the era in which he served. For a relative newbie to the city (2 years and 1 month today!), the history presented through the photographs, videos and explanations gave me a great background to understanding how the city got to be the way it is. All I have to say is that things were just plain crazy here in the 60s and 70s. It's only on view until October 3, so hurry over and make sure you get to check it out.

Another perk for joining, as if you need another one, is you get a book of one of the current exhibits. They make great coffee table decorations and conversation pieces. Lastly, if you're over 39, you can still join the museum and enjoy all the great benefits

It's your city, go learn about it. And then you can impress all of your out-of-town guests with your even larger bank of NYC knowledge.