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AWESOME ALERT: Free Donuts from Holey Donuts

I hear about a lot of openings in the city, but it's not often that one really stands out to me. Holey Donuts is opening their first store in Chelsea (101 7th Ave at 16th Street) in May and they want you to be among the first to check them out.

Holey Donuts claim to fame is "great tasting donuts without the fat, calories and guilt." While I have yet to try their goodies, this sounds like a great idea to me!

They are inviting all those in the know to stop by Thursday-Saturday May 1-3 to be treated to a VIP experience. You will be privy to a free box of donuts (filled and frosted as you watch!), gifts and their special reusable tote bag (seen above). Just picture yourself making everyone on the subway salivate by your carryall!

To be invited, you must email and choose the one day and time best for you to attend (put it in the subject line or they won't respond):

  • Thursday May 1st: 3 pm, 5 pm or 6:15 pm
  • Friday May 2nd: 3 pm, 5 pm or 6:15 pm
  • Saturday May 3rd: 2 pm, 5 pm or 6:15 pm

Once confirmed, you will be allowed to bring guests, however, each ticket will allow only one gift bag and free box of donuts.


When All You Want Is A Doughnut...Or Ten

When all I want is a doughnut, or 10, I think a doughnut party would be the best place to be. I just found out about this awesome sounding doughnut party happening TONIGHT at Project No. 8 at the Ace Hotel. It's to celebrate the launch of All You Can Eat Now's New York Doughnut Map and to celebrate National Doughnut Month (frankly that should be every month). They will have donuts from Peter Pan, Dough, Doughnut Plant, Pies-n-Thighs, Dun-Well, and Van Leeuwen with Stumptown Coffee and drinks from Caledonia Spirits and Winery. It all goes down from 6-8, get excited!