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Dating by Subway Stop

Quick! Where's the best place to meet a Tinder Date near the 18th Street 1 stop? What about the 23rd Street 6 stop? The folks at Thrillist have come up with a handy little guide of all of the best date spots next to EVERY subway stop in Manhattan. You're welcome.


Your City By Drone

I came across this phenomenal drone-filmed video that captures all of NYC's 5 boroughs and just had to share. Not that I often forget, but it's great to be reminded of how awesome of a city we live in.

Note to self: I need to check out the graveyard of half-sunken ships in Staten Island featured around 2:40!


An Impromptu Aerial Tour

Longtime readers may remember my affinity with taking overhead photos of NYC both from a helicopter and an airplane. I generally am pretty good at following all the rules pertaining to flying -- my 3 oz. liquids are always in a plastic bag, my seat back and tray table up is always for take off and landing and I always turn off my cell phone when asked. However, when the aircraft I'm traveling on takes an unusual route in and out of New York, I can't help but whip out my camera and snap away. 

On my return trip from Thanksgiving, I was deep into the New York Magazine crossword when I looked out my window and saw two bridges that I couldn't determine the location of. Once I got it in my head which was was north, I discovered that those were the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges and Manhattan island directly below. I don't know about any of you, but I have NEVER approached LGA or JFK from that direction. In fact, I thought Manhattan was a no fly zone. As soon as I realized what a privilege this was, I hastily shut off my overhead light and rifled around my purse for my camera just in time to view Times Square RIGHT below my window. How cool! However, all I got was this blur of a picture...

Blurry Times Square

Still pretty awesome. As we continued north up the Hudson River and turned east just above Westchester, I got some better shots. Enjoy!

Midtown and Central Park looking southeast

Central Park and Upper East Side looking east

Westchester, the Bronx and Manhattan looking south (you can see the bright lights of in Manhattan in the upper left corner)


Manhattan in Motion

It's hard to think of everything going on around the city when you're stuck in an overheated subway car or a cubicle far from a coveted window, but New York City is flippin' fantastic. I stumbled across a time lapse video called "Manhattan in Motion" by a man named Josh Owens and I was mesmerized by what he was able to capture. I especially liked seeing the Astor Place Cube spin round like a top that won't fall down and the way he panned from the quiet solitude of a rooftop to the busy streets below.

Mindrelic - Manhattan in motion from Mindrelic on Vimeo.

The original video can be found here. Enjoy!


Because You Just Can't Have Too Many Aerial Shots

I recently visited family in Denver and as the plane took off out of La Guardia airport, it took a different route over the city than it normally does. In fact we went right over the South Bronx and the tip of Manhattan. I was quick to grab my ever handy camera (even though technically electronic devices weren't supposed to be on yet...shhhh!) and snap some pretty awesome, though hazy shots of the city on a Wednesday afternoon. Enjoy!