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AWESOME ALERT: Free Fitness Classes This October with Just Salad and DavidBartonGym

Bikini season may be gone, but that doesn't mean you should stop being kind to your body. Just Salad is partnering with DavidBartonGym to help you stay fit on the cheap by offering free fitness classes every Saturday in October! The #JustMove Fitness Series will feature Just Salad samples and swag after each class.

The class, aptly called "Shredded," will feature loud and aggressive music and a full out mix of barbell, dumbbell, and bodyweight exercises. Advance​d​ sign-up ​is ​required here and classes will be offered at all NYC DavidBartonGym locations at 12 and 2pm every Saturday in October--except 10/31, because that's when you're supposed to stuff your face with candy​. The best part is that all classes are FREE!​ 

Limit one class per person and you must be a local NYC resident to participate.


Turn Up for Tone House

If you've ever worked out at Tone House, you know they mean business! So one can only expect that their 1-year anniversary party will also unleash your inner party beast.

Tone House Anniversary Party

Join them on Thursday May 14th for an open bar, passed hors d'oeuvres, and an awesome raffle at the Ainsworth Chelsea (122 W. 26th Street) to celebrate 1 full year of unleashing inner athletes on the turf! Tickets are $25/person, and will be available for purchase at the door, with proceeds benefitting Memorial Sloan Kettering. RSVP to by Saturday May 9.


Dance Party = Fitness (Plus, a Giveaway!)

The idea of "working-out" used to bore me. I'd wander aimlessly around a giant gym surrounded by machines, gadgets and all sorts of weights but have no concept of what to do with them. Thankfully, the concept of boutique fitness has exploded throughout NYC within the past year, and there are so many unique options from me to choose from to stay fit.

I was recently invited to try the latest studio on the block, ((305)) Fitness, a self-proclaimed underground cardio fitness experience. Well it was literally underground (yay basements!) and definitely an experience (a really, really fun experience).

All images courtesy of ((305)) Fitness

Their website says: "We turn your workout into a party." What kind of party, though, I wasn't initially sure. In fact, when I first arrived at 9:45 on a Sunday morning with my guinea pig friend, we were a bit confused if we were in the right place as the only signage was a neon pink "GIRLS, GIRLS, GIRLS" ominously hinting at what might be in store for us downstairs.

The front desk

But the gal at the front desk had our names on a list and we were directed past several really neat art pieces to the super clean and colorful locker room to store our belongings before we boogied on downstairs. The 305 Goddess showed the way...

The 305 Goddess and stairs going down to the studio

The studio is basically a club. It's decked out with all sorts of colored lights, giant images of lips and mouths, positive mantras along the front mirror, and...wait for it...a DJ booth. Our instructor, JJ Montell, started the class with so much positive energy and he did something that I really appreciated and haven't seen at other studios. It was simple. He said, introduce yourself to someone you don't know. The fun in this was that we were all about to be dancing together for an hour, so it's way more fun if you at least know another person's name.

JJ Montell

We started with a Zumba-like warm-up, but the choreography quickly escalated to more advanced dance moves, sports drills, and various squats and lunges. His direction flowed perfectly with the music and the lights curated by our DJ that I was able to let loose and really feel like I was at a party. At three points in class we stopped for what he called our sprints, which were basically high-intensity drills of high-knees followed by push-ups or crunches. It was also arms day, so we did a few minutes of small-movement arm drills (ie, arm circles, holding arms out in a T, shoulder presses). 

I was sweating buckets and almost every muscle burned by the end of class, but my endorphins must have skyrocketed. The music was a perfect mix of new and old, the latter taking me back to my days in middle-school hip-hop dance classes (what what!?!).

My friend, an avid soccer player who tends to stay away from dance-based workouts, said she had a lot of fun trying something new. In her words, even though she couldn't follow along all of the dance moves perfectly, some of the more traditional conditioning sequences were natural for her to follow and that's where she pushed herself the most.

I would highly recommend this workout to everyone. Classes are $32 each, but they have an intro offer of 3 classes for $36. The locker room is well stocked with all the products you need to get ready (and self-locking lockers) and has 2 showers. Towels are available at the front desk.

Good news! We're giving away a free class for one lucky reader and a friend. To enter, use the rafflecopter form below and enter before midnight on 12/10. Best of luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Belay and [Adult] Beverage

Now here's a fun event combination for you. Flavorpill is taking over the Tuesday night group belay class at Brooklyn Boulders next week for some rock climbing followed by partying with Mike's Harder Tea + Lemonade and Mike's Harder Tea + Peach Lemonade to cool down.

You must be 21 to participate and RSVP here as space is limited (they'll confirm attendees via email).

  • What: Go HAM with Flavorpill & Mike's Harder
  • Where: Brooklyn Boulders (575 Degraw St, Brooklyn, NY)
  • When: 12/9, 6:00 - 8:00 PM
  • Price: FREE


Free Indoor Cycling Classes at Peloton Next Week

Ever since joining ClassPass, I've become a bit of a fitness class nut. It's like I can't workout without at least 4 other people sweating alongside me and a peppy, muscly, designer fitness clothing-clad instructor telling me exactly what to do. But I'm perfectly ok with that. 

After a couple of months of this craziness for 5-6 times a week, I've definitely discovered "favorite" studios, which I visit as much as they will possibly let me (3 times a month if you were interested). Peloton Cycle is one of them. Their patented belt-based bikes will give you a 100 times smoother ride than the typical chain-based bikes installed at every other indoor cycle studio. They are also equipped with super high-tech screens that display your speed, resistance, and position on the class leader-board (extra motivation for me!). Plus the facility is immaculate and you get free Jack's coffee and a piece of fruit after every class. 

Peloton announced today that they have teamed up with the Garmin-Sharp Pro Cycling Team to bring you a full day of free special rides coached by Team Garmin-Sharp pros Alex Howes and Tom Danielson on Wednesday, November 12th.

Catch a ride with Team Garmin and Peloton at any of the times below: 

• 8:15 a.m. - Alex Howes (45 min) 
• 10:30 a.m. - Alex Howes (45 min)  
• 6:30 p.m. - Tom Danielson (45 min) 
• 8:30 p.m. - Tom Danielson (45 min)

Immediately following each class, Alex and Tom will have autograph signing sessions in the Peloton lounge. To sign up for these complimentary rides, email with your name and desired ride time. Don't delay, I'm sure these spots will fill up fast!


AWESOME ALERT: Free Workout Class and Outfit

Fitness wear brand Sweaty Betty, known for their fun and flirty printed leggings, is pairing up with modelFIT (212 Bowery, 2nd Floor) for an epic event on Thursday November 20.

When you sign up (FOR FREE!) you not only get to sample one of modelFIT's much talked about body sculpting circuit classes (because don't we all want to look like a model?), but you also get to take a full outfit from Sweaty Betty home with you. Free treats and juices too. Say what?!?! Yes, I said it. Now go sign up (click on the events tab for more info). Several classes are available, but as you can imagine, spots are extremely limited.


Move Over Coconut Water

With my recently increased fitness regimen and the soupy air we've been swimming to work in lately, staying hydrated has been no easy feat. I've been minorly obsessed with coconut water for some time, but I was recently invited to try something new that I wanted to share with you. Introducing: maple water!

DRINKmaple is a new player on the post-workout hydration scene, and I suspect they are about to be the new "it" thing, especially given that many people don't like the taste of coconut. Maple water is sourced by sustainably tapping a maple tree in the same way as is done to make maple syrup, but instead of putting the sap through a refining process to create that sticky sweetness we pour over waffles, the "water" is simply packaged and ready to go. Each serving has only 20 calories and 4g of sugar. It also contains 46 naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, and prebiotics.

I sampled maple. after a Spin class and was intrigued by its earthy, almost woody flavor. It's less sweet than coconut water, but equally refreshing, and I loved the hint of maple flavor that was most apparent in the aftertaste.

You can find maple. in retailers all over the city including at Hu Kitchen, Westside Market, Feel Food, and O Cafe.


AWESOME ALERT: $9.99 Boutique Fitness Classes All Over NYC

Say you want to take a Flywheel class tomorrow morning, but you want to mix it up and sweat it out at Barry's Bootcamp Friday after work. You'll definitely need a restorative yoga class at Yoga Vida Saturday morning, but Monday morning it's back on the hard core train with a workout at Exceed Physical Fitness. You finish out the week with a throwback to the 90s spin class at Cyc and a little lift, tone, burn at Pure Barre. Is your wallet hurting yet? (It should be...all those classes combined would normally cost more than $150).

What if I told you that you could take all those classes and more for just $99 a month? If you haven't heard about Classpass yet, you better jump on the fitness bandwagon. I have a hunch that this site is going to revolutionize the way New Yorkers do fitness--outdating the traditional gym membership while adding convenience and cost savings to our lives all at the same time.

The way it works is simple. You pay a monthly fee and obtain access to a constantly-expanding database of classes from Williamsburg to Midtown, Hoboken to the LES, and Astoria to Union Square. You can visit one studio a maximum of 3 times per month with a total of 10 classes per month. (I was lucky enough to sign up during a promotion period for "Unlimited Summer" meaning I get to take as many classes as I want through Labor Day. I can't guarantee it, but if they did it once, they might do it a second time!).

Interested? Head on over to Classpass and see all their offerings. Warning: membership may lead to new obsessions. I'm hooked on Row House and I'm dying to try out underwater spinning at Aqua Studio. If you sign up here, I promise that you'll never be bored by your fitness options again! 

Disclosure: If you choose to sign up via any of the links above, I will receive a referal reward from Classpass but all opinions are my own. 


Free Fitness and Health Fun This Week at the West Side Y

The 15th annual National Women’s Health Week kicked off on Mother's Day, and the West Side Y (5 West 63rd Street) is celebrating with a week of fun health and fitness related activities that are free and open to the public!

Check out their offerings here for fitness classes such as yoga, pilates, Zumba, boot camp, total body conditioning and more through May 17. They are also hosting multiple workshops for women, including Telling Women’s Stories – a writing workshop for women; a culinary wellness workshop with opportunities to get hands-on in creating healthy and nutrient dense meals; and stress relief workshops. Visitors and members will also enjoy giveaways and free chair massages throughout the week.

Additionally, Komen NYC will be sending the Scan Van to the Y to give free mammograms. Duane Reade and Walgreens will be providing blood pressure screenings throughout the week.


Who Says Meatpacking is Just for Clubbing? Free Fitness Classes All Summer!

Anyone up for some free exercise classes? Join the Meatpacking District Improvement Association, Exhale, Chelsea Piers, Asics, and Lululemon for Classes on the Cobbles starting Thursday May 22.  

Classes range from yoga to Krav Maga and stretching to Zumba, and all take place "on the cobbles" of Gansevoort Plaza. Mats will be provided and classes are all 40 minutes long. To reserve your spot, click here. Happy sweating!


Awesome Works Out Again! (Bonus: FREE CLASSES)

Fitness has lately become a well-documented thing on this blog, but I'm keeping the endorphins flowing with yet another class recommendation!

I came across Cyc Fitness a few weeks ago in an email newsletter (check out Well + Good for all things healthy living in NYC if you haven't already!). Cyc is a Madison, WI spin studio transplant that recently opened up shop within the David Barton Gym at Astor Place. It's similar to your Soul Cycle or Flywheel in that it offers a full body workout using 2 lb bean bags while you are spinning. But I found it unique in that the workout incorporates various other "sports," like swimming and basketball to name a couple, to get you having fun while working out.

Cyc calls its instructors cycologists, a clever play on words, but also relatively true in that the instructors seem to get to know you throughout the class, always encouraging you to do better and push harder. I had Amber as my cycologist, and would highly recommend her high-energy class! The rest of the staff at Cyc was wonderful as well, helping me set-up my bike (much fancier than any spin bike I've ever ridden!) and answering any questions.

It's both a blessing and a curse that Cyc is located within a well-established gym. Blessing because you get open access to the entire gym up to 2 hours before and after your class and you have access to a full locker room (bring your own locks!) with showers, towels, etc. However, you will have to deal with the crowds that come with a giant gym, and if you've never been inside, well, David Barton Gyms have a certain vibe that is fairly club-like and in-your-face. So if that's not your thing, be warned.

Classes are normally $25 (shoe rental $2), but you can take advantage of their awesome snow day offer to score a free class! If it snows more than 2 inches, all classes are free the next day. This promo goes through March 17. Also, it doesn't appear that they are being too strict with this policy, as I know it hasn't snowed that much in the past day, but you can book the 7am, 12:30pm, and 5pm  classes for free tomorrow 2/19 (5pm with Cyc founder Keoni!). Hurry up! There are limited spaces available. Sign up here!


Awesome Works Out

New Year's resolutions or not, I have always loved trying new workouts. Logging constant miles on the elliptical or crunching hundreds of times gets insanely boring and make me burn out. So when the folks at Alycea Ungaro's Real Pilates (177 Duane Street) invited me to come try their signature class SpringTONE, I was all for it!

The studio is on a very pleasant, very "TriBeCa" block, and it was super warm to walk into out of a snowstorm on a Monday evening. I was greeted by Alycea herself and shown around the studio. The upper level is where private sessions take place, and I watched as clients from all walks of life seemed to be pulling, pushing, and breathing their way to fitness.

My class took place downstairs, where there were 10, for lack of a better word, contraptions; one per student. If you've never taken a Pilates class (I'm not talking mat Pilates here, but anything with a machine), it can be a bit intimidating. Reformers look especially like torture devices with all of their metal springs, leather straps, and metal and wooden bars.

My class was taught by Vanessa, a playful instructor who had the ability of seeming truly pleasant as she talked us through exercises that made me feel like my inner thigh muscles were going to explode out of my legs. For 45 minutes, I pulled on springs, hollowed out my core, balanced in a squat position, burned all of my muscles, pulled on some more springs, and finally stretched out. It's funny how much of a work out you can get from minute movements, but I was seriously sore for 2 days after this class. As for difficulty level, there was nothing I felt I couldn't do, but I did occasionally have to bend my knees when Vanessa asked us to keep our legs straight.

Alycea Ungaro’s Real Pilates recently launched a brand new luxury lifestyle boutique curated by What Not To Wear's Amy Salinger. Clara's Lifestyle Boutique is an all inclusive luxury one-stop-shop and features 'fitness wear with a function.' It features a range of lifestyle items and features some of today’s top fitness brands including Lole Women, Nancy Rose, Om Girl, Beyond Yoga, among others.

Classes are $30, but they get cheaper when bought in packages. I would highly recommend the studio as it's clean, friendly and close to multiple subway lines. Be sure to report back if you try it!


Get Your Central Park Workout On

There's no better bonding experience with other New Yorkers than working out together in Central Park (getting drunk together in the East Village comes close). If you can't wait to leave the gym behind and fully embrace the great outdoors, you'll be excited for Self Magazine's Workout in the Park.

Featuring Crunch classes and all sorts of food and fitness brand samples, the event will be held rain or shine Saturday May 12 from 11-3 pm at Rumsey Playfield. I'm sure there will also be a lot of great contests to enter. Tickets are $20 and include a 1-year subscription to Self Magazine (a $10 value).