The Best Little Known Cupcake Secret

NYC has it's fair share of cupcakeries to choose from. There's Magnolia with it's uber creamy frosting, Butter Lane with it's wide array of flavors. Baked By Melissa has the teeny ones and Crumbs has the Big Kahuna ones. West Coast transplant Sprinkles quietly opened up one location in midtown (Lexington between 60th and 61st) and what I'm about to tell you will blow your cupcake mind--they give away free cupcakes EVERY DAY!

Really, I feel foolish spreading this news with the world because I love knowing that should I ever have the craving, I can walk the 1.5 blocks to the shop (aren't I lucky to work so close?!) and grab a little pick-me-up with nothing expected of me in return. However, this deal is too good not to share and I honestly don't think they even give away the 50 or so they are allowed to every day.

How does this magical deal work you ask? Well, every day between 12-2 Sprinkles posts a code word or phrase on both their national Twitter account and Facebook page. Usually the code word will give you a specific flavor of cupcake, but some days you are allowed to choose what you want. You walk into Sprinkles, say the code word and you are handed a cupcake. I often get stares from people waiting in line to buy cupcakes with, you know, money, and that just adds to my overall satisfaction of the experience. Oh and did I mention that this codeword is good at all of the Sprinkles stores in the country? So if you ever find yourself in LA, Chicago, Dallas, DC, etc. you can still score yourself a free treat.

In addition to this lovely little promotion, if you join Sprinkle's birthday club you will get a coupon for a free cupcake on your birthday. Could it get any sweeter?


  1. omg I love that you posted this as I love cupcakes!


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