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Fashion's Clean Night Out

Fashion's Night Out has become an annual event I always look forward to. I've mapped out my itinerary using their handy website (braid bar at Alice + Olivia and giveaways at Mulberry!) and I've rounded up a group of girlfriends. I've also picked out my most fashionable outfit so as not to stick out like a sore thumb.

The thing is, with all that free Champagne and those passed hors d'oeuvres, something is bound to get spilled on my new silk dress. And with all those hoards of people, my strong-enough-for-a-man-but-made-for-a-woman deodorant probably will reach it's breaking point. So what's a girl to do?

In addition to all the freebies you can pick up around town, one of my favorite dry cleaners in the city, Meurice Garment Care, has decided to participate as well by offering to dry clean one item that you wear tonight for free. Honestly, it's one of the more practical giveaways I've seen and it's very easy to claim. Just follow Meurice on Facebook and post a photo of yourself on their wall at any of tonight's events. You could also submit your photo on Twitter.

Either way, the item will be cleaned for free at any of their locations but the offer applies only to items that can be dry-cleaned or laundered. So, skirts, jackets, dresses and other garments qualify. Handbags, shoes, hats, etc., do not. Exceptionally intricate garments are not eligible. Only one cleaning is allowed per household and the last day to post your photo is September 14.