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Because Sometimes A Good Rub Down Does the Trick

Spa treatments are one of life's luxuries. Every time I find myself under the soothing lavender steam having a facial or as loose and relaxed as I could possibly be while knots are being smoothed out of my neck and shoulders, I can't help but feel happy and lucky.

Unfortunately, this feeling doesn't often come cheap. While we always have our trusted group buying sites offering various spa treatments at often unheard of spas, we have all bought one or four with the best of intentions and can never seem to find the time to make the actual appointment. There's a new site in town with the sole focus of fixing that issue and pampering you by finding and offering the best last minute spa deals around.

bTreated, which launches officially on Monday November 15, partners up with spas and other luxury local businesses to offer treatments like massages, facials, haircuts, coloring and manicures up to 80% off.  All deals are last minute, with sale events starting daily at 9 a.m. the day before an appointment.

All this sounds pretty wonderful to me and you know I always share the wealth. bTreated is holding a pre-launch contest. The top three people who refer the most members to the site before Monday will win a massage, facial or haircut of their choice! So what are you waiting for? Sign up now. That massage table has your name on it.