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Awesome Wafel

I still have no idea why I waited so long to try the Wafels & Dinges truck. That was some not so awesome decision making. If you're in the same waffle-less boat that I was at the beginning of last week, run, don't walk, to the truck when it's in your neighborhood next! Better yet, follow them on Twitter, and go to the truck.

In celebration of Belgian Restaurant Week (yes, I'm pretty sure every week is another nationality's shot at culinary publicity), I visited the truck when it was parked on Wall St. near my office. I was having a craving for chili and low and behold Wafels & Dinges' special of the day was chili on a corn waffle. Can it get much better?


The waffle tasted like fluffy cornbread, but of course waffle form. And the chili was heart-warming and flavorful. This was definitely worth the walk outside in the rain.

In addition to my meal, and since I mentioned Belgian Restaurant Week, I received a free "playground waffle." What's that might you ask? Well, in the words of the guy who helped me, "it's individually wrapped so that you can take it to the playground and eat it there." Cute. 

This waffle was in the traditional liege style, slightly sweet, but definitely fluffy. It made for a great snack the next day. Too bad I wasn't at a playground. I could have gone for some swing-set action.

I've heard wonderful things about their several varieties of sweet waffles, which you can load up with toppings (the dinges) from nutella to ice cream to their special spekuloos sauce. Every day they have a different password which you can mention for a free dinges. Once you visit, come back and tell us about your awesome creations. Happy waffle-ing!

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