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Mick Rocked the W

Wednesday nights for me are typically fairly quiet. A zumba class, maybe a new episode of Modern Family, occasionally the raucous happy hour that ends by oh 9 pm. However, after winning tickets to a VIP preview event of the new Mick Rock photo exhibition at the W Downtown and a night at the hotel, I knew this was going to be a different sort of Wednesday night. 

All dolled up and ready to party, my boyfriend and I arrived at the W in the pouring rain last night to find a heated tent set up behind the hotel and a line of people waiting in the cold. After we checked in to our room on the 15th floor with an awesome view of the 9/11 Memorial (still haven't been down there to see it!), we were able to skip the line (I was not waiting in the cold with no jacket!), grab our wristbands and head up to the Living Room Lounge on the 5th floor. We got drinks (open bar, of course) and tried to weave through the crowd to view the photos of rock 'n roll legends. I loved one of Madonna from 1980 and a more recent image of Bono and Lady Gaga.

View from our room
Living Room Lounge W Downtown
Madonna 1980
Bono and Lady Gaga
We spotted Stephen Baldwin in the crowd as we headed downstairs to the tent and although I'm sad we didn't see them, I read that Betsy Johnson, Chace Crawford, Penn Badgely were all in attendance.

Penn Badgley and Chace Crawford (photo courtesy of Chace Crawford's Facebook page)
Mick Rock (photo courtesy of Metromix)

The musical guests for the event included the band Phantogram and DJ Mark Ronson. Although I'd never heard of Phantogram, everyone seemed pretty pumped when they started playing. Ronson's mixes were a lot of fun. I always like hearing music I already know in a whole new way.

Phantogram (photo courtesy of Metromix)
DJ Mark Ronson
For a Wednesday night, I got a taste of the rockstar life and it was exciting. Heck, it was probably more exciting than my last several Friday nights. For a Thursday morning, waking up in a plush W Hotel bed and taking a shower in which the water can be turned into a head massager was definitely a (necessary) treat. Before checking out of the hotel and checking back into my normal Thursday life, I snapped one daylight photo of the 9/11 Memorial. Then it was onto the 4/5 and back to reality. Until next time...

For more photos of the event, visit Guest of a Guest and Metromix.