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Breakfast With a Twist

If you've learned anything by reading this blog, you'll know I hardly ever turn away free food. Even at 9:30 a.m. on a Saturday I'm game. That's why when Urbanspoon gave me the chance to attend a blogger breakfast at The Breslin, I was all over that (and so was my Mom who tagged along for the yummies).

Having never been to the Breslin before, I was super excited because of all of the hype I've been hearing. The decor is fun and comfortable with an old-world meets modern NYC eatery kind of feel. All of the bloggers congregated in the front of the restaurant so there would be ample space for sampling and picture taking. One of the things I loved about this breakfast was the fact that everyone was taking pictures and waiting for everyone else to take their pictures before digging in. My friends usually make fun of me for doing this, so I definitely felt like I was part of the "cool crowd" here.

Urbanspoon was nice enough to order a whole smattering of items from the menu so that we'd all have a chance to really say we ate there. We started with French-press coffee and some pastries and sausages. Next we moved on to one of my favorite items, the fried peanut butter and banana sandwich with bourbon vanilla sauce - it was ooey gooey - YUM!

Fried peanut butter and banana sandwich with bourbon vanilla sauce
Next we moved on to some heartier items...

Oven-baked 3 cheese sandwich with house smoked ham
Home fries
Poached eggs with curried lentils, yogurt and cilantro

Seafood sausage
Peanut butter pancakes with concord grape syrup
The Breslin definitely has a thing for peanut butter, which I definitely don't mind, and I love the combination of classic breakfast items with innovative brunch dishes with a twist. Who would have ever thought of seafood sausage!? And it was surprisingly light and delicious. I loved the pancakes, but my mom thought the crunchy peanuts on top were a bit too salty and overwhelmed the syrup.The curried lentils with the poached eggs were genius and really took the dish to a whole other dimension.

While we were eating, the Urbanspoon team passed around iPads demonstrating their awesome app. I've used it before and I can honestly say it's worth a download. With the app, you can search by neighborhood, cuisine and/or price or you can just give it a spin and have it choose something random for you. 

So if you've been dying to try the Breslin, but don't care to deal with the crazy reservations for dinner, go for breakfast, you won't be sorry!

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