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Still Haven't Signed Up For Tenka?

With all of the daily deals sites out there, even I get exasperated. One of the newest, Tenka, from what I've seen, only really gives away free stuff, and you can never get too much of that. I was able to get a sandwich from Tina's Cuban, two warm and gooey cookies from Insomnia Cookies, a burrito from Toloache Taqueria and a latte from Bean and Bean all FREE! They've also created a nice little animated video to explain it even further.


Tenka Very Much

With the latest of online deal sites switching from free discount codes to charging fees (cough...Blackboard Eats...cough), it's nice to find new companies launching and, well, offering free food. I like free food.

I discovered Tenka last week and on a whim, decided to give it a try. Basically, you sign up and you get a pocket where you can store up to three deals including a free espresso at Fika Espresso Bar in FiDi, a free burrito at Burrito Joint in Murray Hill and a free glass of sangria at Cinema Cafe also in Murray Hill. Using your smart phone you can log into their site and download a code to present to the cashier. If you're like me and still don't have a smart phone, you can easily redeem the deals by texting. You have to act relatively quick though. Each deal can only be redeemed a certain number of times (one per person) and when that limit is reached, the deal is over. After you redeem your first deal your "pocket" increases to hold four deals and you gain "fame" and points (which can be redeemed for cash) for using and sharing deals.

Last week, they wheeled out a bunch of deals near my office in FiDi, and while not all the deals are for completely free things, I'm happy to say that I've been able to safely not spend any money on lunch four days out of the last seven. If you use the site, come back and share your experiences!