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Seamless Winning?

Remember the days when you would actually have to make a phone call to order food for delivery? Well, Seamless Web erased those days when it launched it's online delivery service a while back. Almost every restaurant and food vendor in the city seems to employ Seamless Web to take it's delivery orders and send them out to the lazy eaters of Manhattan. Despite my taste for actually going to and eating at a restaurant, talk to me in a mid-January blizzard and you know I'll be ordering delivery.

The company is launching a new campaign starting today in an effort to get people to get rid of their paper take out menus and learn about ordering online. They've enlisted the creativity of artist Kevin O'Callaghan to create special works of art out of old paper take out menus, which will be on display this weekend at the Brooklyn Flea.

Also, (this is where you want to pay attention), a Seamless Web truck will be making the rounds across the city starting today. You will be able to drop off your unwanted menus (to be used in the sculptures) and learn about the best way to order food online. You can also pick up a fortune cookie containing a ‘lucky number’ that can lead to prizes such as an iPod Touch, free lunch for a month, an iPad, 10% off your next order, free lunch for a week, or even free lunch for a year valued at $5,475! Starting today, you can enter your lucky numbers here to find out what you have won!

Additionally, first time SeamlessWeb users can enter the promo code ‘MOREEAT’ for $10 off your first order.

Here's the schedule of the truck for the week.

10/18 Monday: Truck at Union Square (17th and Broadway)
10/19 Tuesday: Truck at 6th Avenue (between 55th and 56th)
10/20 Wednesday: Truck at Madison Square Park (23rd and 5th)
10/21 Thursday: Truck at Lexington Avenue (between 57th and 58th)
10/22 Friday: Truck at 6th Avenue (between Carmine and West 4th)
10/23 Saturday: Brooklyn Flea at Lafayette Avenue (between Clermont and Vanderbilt)
10/24 Sunday: Brooklyn Flea at One Hanson Place (corner of Flatbush Avenue)

I'll definitely be stopping by today after work. Let us know if you win anything!