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It's RAINing Beatles

Go ahead. Name me someone who doesn't like the Beatles.

Of course, none. Moving on.

If you want a night to relive the 60's (even if you never actually were alive in the 60s), head over to the Theater District and pick yourself up a ticket or two to see Rain - A Tribute to the Beatles. The one you want to hold hands with will love you eight days a week after you bring them to see this spectacle of timeless music, nostalgic multimedia presentations and spot-on costumes and sets.

Thanks to the awesome folks at the Times Square Alliance, I won two tickets to go see Rain, and I brought my Dad in town from LA. I'm not going to lie and not tell you that my presence in the theater brought down the mean age by a fair sum, however, no matter your age, you will love this show. It's rare that you get asked to stand up, dance, clap and sing along to a Broadway show. Also, the actor who is supposed to be playing Paul McCartney is definitely his doppelganger - he's even won awards on how much he sounds like the superstar. 

Our friends at Stage Rush are currently doing a giveaway for a couple of tickets, so I would definitely check that out. To purchase tickets, head over to Theater Mania for discount codes. Enjoy!