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Whoever Said Free Concerts Don't Exist Lied!

So you all know I get my fair share of free in life, and why shouldn't that share include great concerts? I recently came across the blog My Free Concert, and it's my new best friend. After discovering the site a mere three days ago, I've already secured tickets to see Sister Hazel (yeah, that band from the 90s that goes right along with Matchbox 20, Goo Goo Dolls, Eve 6 and your Power Rangers lunch box) next week, and got to attend a "secret show" featuring Iron & Wine at Mercury Lounge tonight.

In addition to announcing every single free show in the city and opportunities to win tickets to just about every show in the city, the blog is currently running specials with the newsletter Music Geeks. All you do is sign up for their newsletter and you are entered to win two tickets to any show at either Irving Plaza or Gramercy Theater. More deets here. And of course I would appreciate you going the extra step telling them I sent you :)

You can also follow My Free Concert on Twitter, and I would highly recommend that you do. Enjoy your free shows and let me know if you ever need a +1.