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Queens in a Banquet Hall

As a contributing writer for NYC Recession Diary, I sometimes get asked to cover different events around the city that scream awesome. Last week I had the pleasure of attending Dish du Jour Magazine's "The Cuisine of Queens" tasting event at the Astoria Manor with my friend Amanda. 

You may recognize this location as the scene of Dorota's wedding in Gossip Girl and Hilda's wedding in Ugly Betty. With wall-to-wall mirrors, larger than life chandeliers, sparkly pink paint in the girls bathroom,  gaudy statues and fake flowers galore - it's probably the most unique venue I've been to in New York, but I loved every minute of it. 

Scroll down to find the link to my full review on NYCRD, but I wanted to share some pictures with my awesome readers.

The banquet hall where all of the amazing food was served.
One of my favorites - garlic shrimp from Cafe Ole
Another favorite - Sweet Potato Gnocchi from Manetta's
The vat of caramelized onions at 5 Napkin Burger - delish!
Amanda with Dino from Dino's Restaurant - he made the sausage!
Delicious rum drink with OJ and nutmeg
One of the smoothest beers I've ever tried
Some of the wine selection
All I can say is AWESOME! (Lulu's Bakery's spread)
Cooking competition
Me with Andrea Beaman (Top Chef Season 1)
Amanda and I enjoyed a final glass of sake before heading home

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To read my review on NYCRD, click here!