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Smorgasburg on a Boat

What do you get when you mix food from amazing NYC vendors, Brooklyn Brewery beer, a charity event and a boat? A damn good time is what you get!

For the truly unbelievable price of $45, you can find yourself upon the Smorgasboat where you can eat, drink and be ferry (haha, ferry, get it?) until your heart's content. Departing from North Williamsburg East River Ferry Terminal at 6:30 pm on Wednesday June 13, Smorgasboat will donate all proceeds to City Harvest, and you'll get a special sunset stop right in front of the Statue of Liberty! The boat returns at 8:45, but the fun continues until 11pm at King and Grove Williamsburg Rooftop Bar. Click here to buy tickets - I'm sure this event will sell out!


It's a Smorgasbrewery

I have to admit, I'm sorry to just be finding out about the Smorgasbrewery event going on at Brooklyn Brewery this Sunday 1/8 (and every Sunday through March). On top of their normally free on-the-hour brewery tours, the beloved beer aficionados who run the place are bringing in all sorts of local food vendors from noon to 5 pm.

This Sunday you can salivate over pork sandwiches (I'm assuming) from Porchetta, bivalves from Brooklyn Oyster Party, sweet and savory pies from Rachel's Pies, baked goods from Commerce Bakery and sugary confections from Lush Candy. And you musn't forget a Brooklyn Lager, IPA or maybe a Cuvee Noir...


Brooklyn Suds

Something that had been on my list of things to do in NYC for, say three years, was to visit the Brooklyn Brewery in Williamsburg. Maybe it was the foreign concept of taking the L or maybe I've been too consumed with wine, but I finally can check this activity off my list and tell you all to do the same.

The Brooklyn Brewery was founded in 1987 by a war correspondent and a banker who decided to quit their jobs and devote themselves full-time to the art of brewing. They started operations upstate but in 1996, took over an abandoned warehouse space in Williamsburg and it became the first successful brewery in New York City since 1976. Today, Brooklyn Brewery beers are sold all over the world.

Tours are free but I would recommend making a reservation for a small batch brewery tour from 5-7 every weeknight. Those tours are limited to just 25 people, and for $8, they include beer samples. You'll also get to see where the beer is actually made instead of just the large warehouse they show you on the free tours.

After your tour, I would invite you to stick around and throw back a couple. You can purchase beer tokens for $4 or 6 for $20, and glasses range from 1-3 tokens depending on the beer. The event space is great and open to the public Fridays 6-11 and Saturday and Sundays from 12-6. While they don't serve food, you can bring in your own or even have it delivered, just ask the bartender for their stash of menus.

Brooklyn Brewery event space
The day I visited, I tried three different beers: Brooklyn Lager, Brooklyn Pilsner and Brooklyn Brown Ale. They were all excellent and I'm sure very fresh. From time to time the brewery will also showcase seasonal beers, so keep an eye out for those. 

Brooklyn Brewery Beers
And don't forget to check out the brewery's collection of old beer bottles from NYC brewery past.

These date back to more than 100 years ago!