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I enjoy music. Honestly, I'm not picky (with the exception of country and hardcore rap). But sometimes you come across a new band that you just can't get out of your head. My latest aural discovery is an NYC-based punk band called The Postelles

Citysearch recently had a facebook contest - one of those "leave a comment and someone will randomly receive x, y and z" - and I was offered two tickets to see The Postelles Wednesday at Bowery Ballroom. Since had had no plans that night, I like music and Bowery Ballroom is a pretty cool place, I figured, hey why not?

My cousin Nola and I arrived too late to see the opening group, but we did (perhaps unfortunately) arrive to hear the second opener, The Beets. With a homemade sign on a sheet, The Beets announced that they were there to "sell soul to a souless people who've sold their souls" and they were "latins going platinum." Ok. 

The Beets with their sheet sign

The Beets were pretty one note, with some curious and repetitive lyrics. After the second song, we became pretty anxious for the real show to start. However it did give my cousin to randomly reconnect with two old high school friends she hadn't seen in years. This is why I love New York.

Me and Nola at Bowery Ballroom

When The Postelles began to play their first song, suddenly the half empty ballroom was filled with people. I really don't know where they all came from, but people were excited. The music was a great mix of familiar English-inspired punk with an awesome NYC twist. The band was having fun and some dedicated fans were singing along to every word. Some of my favorite songs were "White Night" and "Can't Stand Still." 

The Postelles

Unfortunately their album doesn't come out until October, but I'm definitely buying. Until then, you can check them out on YouTube and Myspace, and they have a free download of "White Night" on their website.

During the encore, the band brought up some fans on the stage and everyone had a great time. Thanks Citysearch!