Steak Heaven

I must preface this post with a little background on how I ended up dining at a NYC legend of a steakhouse (especially since this was my third steakhouse dinner in 3 weeks). A few months ago I discovered Postabon, a community for deal-sharers. A new site, Postabon is in the process of building a community and thus holds weekly contests with some pretty sweet prizes (this week it's a Kindle!) for activities like earning the most "Karma Points" (which you earn by posting, sharing and commenting on deals), posting the most deals or referring the most people. What got me hooked was an iPad giveaway, and yes, I won it. Talk about stirring up intrigue! I get so many questions when I whip out my fancy-dancy digital media device and I happily refer everyone to the website. Two weeks after the big win, Postabon gave away 3 $150 gift certificates to Peter Luger Steakhouse. I ended up winning one and after I got my boyfriend, Mike, hooked on the site, he won another. This was our first adventure.

Good news! After months and months of brain-breaking studying, Mike finally completed the first step of the US Medical Licensing Exam! We needed to celebrate and I knew just the place. Under the East River and down Driggs Ave. it's off to Peter Luger's we went!

All I really knew about the establishment was that it was cash-only, very expensive, had a reputation for snooty service and served AWESOME steak. Walking into the restaurant, it felt like I could have been in any era - the place is timeless (it's been around since 1887 so I guess it has to be). We made reservations, which you absolutely need about 2 months in advance I'd advise, and only had to wait a couple of minutes for our table. 

Contrary to what we expected, our waiter, Bernard, was warm, welcoming and very happy to make recommendations. The menu is very simple with few options for add-ons and the way your order steak is not by cut or even by oz. You can either get Steak for 2, Steak for 3, Steak for 4, or Steak for 6. Expensive aside (you have to just suck it up if you've already made it in the door), the meat was incredible! When steak goes to heaven, this is where it goes; super buttery in texture with a nice crisp on the outside. As for sides, and you have to order something else all you'll be eating is cow, we started with the Caesar salad and had the German-fried Potatoes and Creamed Spinach. The salad was pretty standard, but nicely dressed, while the potatoes were yummy but not that different from your typical home fries. The thought of creamed spinach takes me back to the days of eating in my dreary elementary school cafeteria, but I could have eaten this stuff by the bowlful. Not overly creamy and still with a fresh spinach flavor, this side is a must-do.

My plate: Creamed spinach, German-fried potatoes and steak

In the end, we were too full for dessert, but after seeing the table next to us order special "Holy Cow" ice cream sundae, I'm definitely game for that next time. All of their desserts are served with homemade Schlag, or amazing amazing creamy whipped cream.

I know NYC has so many hip and trendy eating establishments you would like to try, but trust me on this one. Oldies can be goodies and Peter Luger Steakhouse is a goodie. Make your reservations now for October!

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  1. It's almost as if you dined by yourselves. Fantasy is wonderful & healthy.

    Dr. K

  2. I went to Peter Luger in Brooklyn; we were a group of three. I like steak well-done; the other two prefer medium. Luger will only serve one section of steak for three (same for two people). When I requested that my portion be returned to the kitchen for additional cooking, I was refused. Very poor customer relations for an expensive place. Advice: go to a Manhattan steak restaurant where your business will be appreciated.


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