Frolicking in Flatiron

Everyone knows Madison Square Park for Shake Shack, but I've fallen in love with its beauty on a summer's eve. It was my boyfriend's birthday last week and we had a bit of photo fun after dinner at Primehouse. I have a thing for sunset lighting :)

I love open space anywhere on this island.

The sheer fact that this building was built when 
Teddy Roosevelt was President astounds me.

You can never not know the time in MSP.

The Empire State Building will always 
steal some attention.

Having some fun with the public art.

More fun. In a past life maybe they were cousins?

Let it be known that, without even a dime, you can find awesome in this city simply by walking around and occasionally looking up. I'd love to hear where you find it. Leave a comment and let me know.


  1. I'm confused - which one is the statue????

    Dr. K

  2. Right nearby Madison Square Park is Teddy Roosevelt's brownstone which is a museum. Few people know about it & I highly recommend it. There exists a famous photo of Lincoln's funeral procession going thru the neighborhood w/ two boys hanging out the window observing the procession. One of the boys is T. Roosevelt.

    Dr. K


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